4 Services You Might Enjoy On A Spa Getaway

When you book some time at a Euro-spa destination spa it might seem like you are just setting aside some time for a little rest and relaxation but there is actually a lot more to it than that. Sure you can get a massage—and that might help relieve some stress—but there are so many other things you can do at a spa to improve your health.


Obviously, one of the main reasons to visit a spa—whether on vacation or at a local spot—is for a massage.  And there are several different kinds to choose from.  Of course, there are relaxation massages but not all massages are the same.  There are many different modalities to choose from, each designed to address certain needs.

The most common type of massage is known as “Swedish massage.”  It is called Swedish massage, of course, because it was developed in Sweden, but it is popular because it uses a variety of medium-pressure strokes that improve circulation, reduces pain, and relaxes the muscles.

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In addition to massage, though, you can also pursue meditative practices at a spa.  After all, relaxation is not just in the body, but in the mind as well.  If you really want some stress relief, you are going to want to quiet your mind too.  Through meditation you learn to focus on and regulate your breathing. This reduces sensory organ awareness, blocking out distraction and enticing you into a state of mindfulness.  And just like massage there are many different types of meditation to help you achieve any of a number of different kinds of focus and relaxation.


While this is, technically, a type of massage, not all spas may offer it. However, if you are experiencing certain health conditions, lymph drainage massage might be a service you should consider. In the body, the lymph system is a network of glands or nodes that help to transmit stress signals from the body organs to the brain.  When you experience trauma or stress, the lymph system can swell; lymph drainage, then, helps to restore this system to its natural state.


Another service that might be available at your spa could be skin care. Dermatology is important because the skin is actually the largest organ in the human body. More importantly, that organ is exposed to the elements and to the sun as well as any toxins and other chemicals you might excrete through the pores.  If you want to destress and feel more relaxed, sometimes a little extra skin care might also be in order.