5 Gear You Need to Ride A Motorbike

Riding a bike is dangerous. As per the NHTSA data, motor biking is 33 times more troublesome than driving a vehicle. It is said that there are only two types of bikers: the ones who have crashed and the ones who haven’t. But, with the right motorcycle gear for riding protection, you can enjoy amazing rides while keeping your body safe.

Motorcycle helmet

First and foremost, you’ll need a helmet. Though some state still haven’t imposed the helmet law, but you do have a lot of advantages of opting to ride with a helmet, rather going without one.

  • It keeps your face secure during accidents. Yes, when you tumble down on the road, it keeps your face intact and preserves it from being hit.
  • It secures you from bugs. Often bugs hit your face, mouth or eye while you’re riding the bike. A helmet prevents it from happening.
  • It gives you a stylish biker look. It exudes mystery. Girls like the biker look. It adds a little taste to that face of yours.
  • It keeps your brain secure. Yes, during any kind of crash, it prevents your brain from getting damaged.

Riding gloves

The next most significant piece of equipment for bike riders is riding gloves. Well, gloves are quite vital for the riders who are frequent with riding. This is because motorcycle accidents make it quite obvious for the riders to secure their hand next after their head. If you don’t wear anything to secure your hands, then you might break bones, lose fingers or skin!

Motorcycle jacket

Jacket is yet another famous safety gear for bike riders. It also allows you to stay warm in winters and gives you a cool look. You have plethora of different materials that your motorcycle jacket is made of. Right from going for leather to artificial leather, you have a long list to choose from. It keeps you protected against the elements. It gives you a rugged biker look and secures your back, chest and arms.

Motorcycle boots

Another motorcycle gear which has entered the mainstream culture is motorcycle boots. They look great and give you traction. They secure your small bones in feet during the time of crash. The main rule when you talk about motor bike footwear is to ensure that they are strong, sturdy and render over the ankle protection.

Motorcycle pants

Obviously you do not want to ride your bike in shorts. Motorcycle pants are a must to save your knees on more than one event. They are a piece of gear which riders choose not to wear. But, now they are more like a fashion statement. They don’t look like normal pants. Your normal jeans do not render similar level of protection.

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