5 Tips for Your Perfect Holiday in Bali

If you’re wondering where to go during school holidays, there are numerous destinations for any Australian family to choose from. One such perfect destination to have a fabulous family getaway is Bali, the famed island in Indonesia. Having been previously voted as world’s best island a number of times alone speaks volumes as to what you’d expect in this dream destination that is full of natural and spiritual beauty including the pristine beaches, rice fields, ancient temples, delicious food and a sophisticated social scene to name a few. That said, here are the top 5 tips for your holiday in Bali.

  • Enjoy watching the Sunset at Uluwatu Temple and sunrise in the empty beaches

If you are usually captivated by the beauty of nature, be sure to enjoy while vacationing in Bali. This exquisite island has many beautiful spots from which you can watch the breathtaking sunset like the Uluwatu temple and the colorful sunrises in various places like Kuta.

  • Take some cooking classes

Another must-do activity to add to your enjoyment in Bali is to learn how to make Balinese food which is usually a mix of different ingredients, influences and spices. You can do this by taking some classes in Ubud where half a day is spent exploring the market, learning the best spices, cooking and eating of course!

  • Enjoy the nightlife

Nighttimes are always times for cocktails and music in Bali for all ages. The island offers a variety of clubs and bars to choose from. Kuta beach for instance attracts young people looking for electronic music and cheap booze. On the other hand, Seminyak attracts a different crowd having bars and clubs that are fancier. The clubs are usually packed during weekends and the parties last till the sunrise.

  • Visit the rice fields.

Bali is very famous for its rice fields which you may have heard about. These fields are not only a tourist attraction but also part of culture in Bali. To the Balinese, rice is very important to an extent that they have a goddess (Dewi Sri) for rice. You can consider visiting the rice fields in Ubud and even try to work in them.

  • Indulge yourself in the luxurious hotels and villas.

Your holiday in Bali will not be complete without a luxurious stay. With Stunning views, impeccable services, exclusivity and in perfect locations, the hotels and villas in Bali have it all according to your specific preferences. The amenities and wonderful features in the villas in particular are something to die for. You can consider some of these villas in https://www.balivillaescapes.com.au. Notably, Seminyak villas are one of the best places for a quieter stay. You can visit https://www.booking.com/villas/city/id/seminyak.html to learn more about them. All in all, be sure to have a great time in the hotels and villas across this fabulous island.

These are some of the amazing tips for your perfect holiday in Bali. And together with others such as visiting the stunning temples, taking the popular yoga classes, visiting the monkey forest at Ubud and taking some surfing sessions, Bali is definitely a perfect definition for a family holiday. So book your flight, select the best villa & enjoy the island!