7 Top Things To Check Out In Taiwan

Taiwan is a wonderful place to explore and be continually surprised by all it has to offer. From shopping, to culture, to hiking to seeing great art, Taiwan offers such a vast array of excitement, that you will be sure to love your time spent in this magical place! Below we have listed a few of the most interesting places that should be on your must-see list when visiting Taiwan.


Nestled deep in Asia, Taiwan's capital city is filled so many attractions and adventures, it can be overwhelming. It also has some of the coolest sights.

Taipei 101 is world famous as being one of the tallest structures ever built. It also boasts of astounding architecture. To really get the full flavor of this structure, go to top an be taken in by the exhilarating views below. Though stunning at any time, seeing the lights down below at nighttime is a must see.

Shilin Night Market

Taiwan is known for its night markets, which are large streets full of both tourists and locals. Small markets and shops fill the sides of the streets, selling everything for food, clothing, souvenirs home goods, electronics, etc. Shillin is the most well-known, although there are night markets all through Taiwan. What makes Shilin the most well known is not only its size, but for its amazing deals. Make sure to sample milk tea, a staple of this area.

Longshan Temple

Taiwan is full of temples, however the most popular one is undoubtedly Longshan, located in the historical district. At over 350 years old.there is enough activity surrounding the temple to hold your interest for hours. Equipped with a waterfall, a pond filled with fish, and live traditional music, Longshan is not to be missed. Be sure to explore the "old village" while you are there, to see the remnants of what Taipei looked liked 100 years ago.

National Palace Museum

The National Palace is the  home of the single largest collection of artifacts, over 700,000! Interesting enough,these artifacts chronicle the past 10,000 years of Chinese history. After coming through this magnificent structure, make sure to take a stroll through the park next door. If you have time that is, as across the street from the museum is another museum which hols art and historical artifacts from all over the world.

Elephant Mountain

Also known as the Nangang District Hiking Trail, the Elephant Hiking Trail is the most accessible of the "Four Beast Mountains". Due to its proximity of Taipei, it also offers stunning views of the city. The hike itself is not terribly long, and plenty of benches and chairs can be found along the trail. The most popular area for travelers to take in the view however, involves climbing over a few boulders. But the view is so worth it!

Chiang-Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This memorial hall is a national monument and landmark honoring Chiang Kai-Sek, former president of the Republic of China. The monument is located in Liberty Square, and its height reaches and astonishing 76 meters. With its deep blue roof and 89 steps (honoring the age in which Chiang passed away) up to the main hall, the massive entryway holds an artifact museum containing possessions of his life. Every hour an "honor guard" is changed.

Taroko National Park

One of Taiwan most visited destinations, it is known for its gorges, canyons, rich vegetation and never-ending views of Taiwan's mountainous lands. It also house Taroko Gorge, an 18 km canyon considered by many to be one of the jewels of Asia.

Whatever your tastes, there is something for everyone in Taiwan, a country steeped in intrigue and excitement.


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