8 Recommendations for your Outback Adventure!

If you think the country side of Perth is the best thing you’ve seen, you have definitely not tried the outback at all. The rural region in all of its glory sound so crude, but when you explore the beauty of it all, you will definitely agree that the spectacular sight is something one should try at least once in a lifetime.

Western Australia is breathtakingly beautiful, no doubt. It is a very large state that boasts of sceneries, it boasts of untainted and uncontaminated beaches, an extensive and far reaching outback, lush and luxurious wine products, expanse of water where you can serve all day and not get tired of, alluring wildlife and the most incredible food ever! All this best explored with a campervan hire in Perth.

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Here are 8 places highly recommended for your outback adventure:

  1. Broome: Broome is definitely a great place to be, unarguably the largest commercial pearl producers in the world. The discovery triggered a massive move to Broome in the 1800s when it was founded. The terrific beauty, and the colorful picturesque of its mountains, beaches and waters is enough to draw anyone to its magnificence.
  2. Kimberly Coast: You want to check out the home to the largest tropical tides? Then you should definitely check out the Kimberly Coast. About thirty three feet of water falls twice a day, every day. The movement of the water as it bursts through the narrow cliffs creates an unreal view that holds you spell bound to the magic it creates.
  3. The Pindan Cliffs: This is another icon of the Perth Australia outback. You get to walk down the fine red sand of the beach; which gets worn out gradually by the water as you walk closer and closer to the beach.
  4. Cape Leveque: The best view to the Indian Ocean is spectacularly clear here. The first week of August, the weather here is always considerably warm and tropical and cools down only at night. However, the cool breeze that comes from the far expanse of the ocean soothes you.
  5. Cygnet Bay: this is where the Giant Tides can be seen up close. One can rent a high speed boat and speed through the waves to get the perfect spot for viewing the water. A river is right at the middle of the ocean and swirls around ad the tides of the ocean rushes in, like a hollow in the middle. Mini pools will swirl everywhere and to be honest, I’m sure you have never seen anything like it before.
  6. Pinnacles: Western Australia is filled with other-worldly landscapes as its land is quoted to have been in existence for about two billion years. Nature really took some time out here as the rock formations here are magnificently sculpted.
  7. Kargoolie: South of Perth, this is the real hub for the Wild Australia where the prevalent framework of mines gives way to a variety of desert geomorphology, salt lakes and towns which are perhaps shadows of what they used to be.
  8. The fabled Gibb River Road is where you go through to the Kimberly, the heart of the wilderness where you get to see nature untamed. It is a legendary cattle country with homesteads, where you get the total outback adventure from your campervan.

However, an authentic and genuine outback adventure cannot be gotten without the local tour and lookout for the animals in Australia. Seeing a wide array of animals cannot be completely disregarded as it is probably the oldest living culture in the world; ranging from the crocodiles, the koala to the iconic kangaroos.