Explore the Gorgeous Landscape and Wonders of the Lavish City of Dubai

Dubai is never out of adventurous activities, picturesque landscaping, entertaining places, and exotic food options. Experiencing all the exciting events and wondrous beauties of nature, Dubai city tour is a great way to dive in.

Tour the Dazzling city of Dubai with Exclusive Packages

For a full fledge sightseeing trip of Dubai city, you must want everything to be done to perfection while maintaining the high class and including all the highlights and entertaining activities that city has to offer. Well, if that is the case, then it is the perfect place to choose from a number of available options and packages, where each having offering the ultimate pleasure, much-needed delight and a hint of all the famous tourist attractions you may want to see in Dubai. Here, have a look at the most amazing deals you can get to plan a trip to Dubai,

  • Deal1: For a bunch of 4 people- Pay 90 dirhams/ person
  • Deal1: For a pack of 6 people- Pay 80 dirhams/ person
  • Deal1: For a group of 12 people- Pay 70 dirhams/ person
  • Deal1: For a pack of 30 or more people- Pay 60 dirhams/ person

Whichever package you choose, there is a complimentary option to avail pick up and drop off services from your hotel or residence within the premises of Sharjah and Dubai. Well, surely no one would want to miss out these attractive deals at any cost, and here Dubai city tour package cost is extremely affordable. Just a pack of your favorite buddies and hop on the ride of ultimate pleasure, fun, and excitement.

All Packages of City Tour are inclusive of Following Services

  • A visit to the Exemplary depiction of amazing Islamic Architecture, the Jumeirah Grand Mosque
  • A tour to the symbol of modern Dubai, and a wonder of advanced architecture, Burj Al Arab
  • A walk through Marina View
  • Look at the sparkling waters of the Jumeirah Open Beach
  • Visit Palm Jumeirah, having the characteristics of being the world's largest Manmade Island
  • Enjoy the shopping spree by visiting the one of the world's largest shopping mall by area, Dubai Mall
  • Studded with fun water parks, casino gaming, superb fine dining, lavish environment, highly professional and cool services, candid staff, a visit to the Atlantis Hotel is due in these packages
  • Explore the gigantic beauty of Dubai's mega tall skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, a star of United Arab Emirates
  • Beautiful Royal Palace
  • Visit the famous Dubai Museum (museum's entry ticket is included)
  • Heritage Village, to experience the traditional warmth and beautifully maintained architecture of United Arab Emirates
  • Gold Souk, A traditional gold's street market in Dubai

There is a wide variety of sightseeing places in Dubai, and all our packages proudly cover these stunning tourist attractions. Experiencing the mega structures, appreciating the cultural heritage, UAE Safari, and enjoying the best of modern facilities, is nothing less than a sheer pleasure.