Find Unique Business Hotel in Jakarta

While you are visiting Jakarta for days, it means you should find the home stay or hotel for you to sleep in the night. Well, you should not feel so worry because your destination city is Jakarta, so you will find hotel from the backpacker hotel until the luxury hotel easily. You just have to decide what kind of hotel you want to choose while visiting Jakarta. If you don’t have problem with the budgeting, you can choose the unique business hotel in Jakarta that will accompany your visitation will be perfectly great.

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As what you know, Jakarta serves you more than thousands hotel that you can choose based on what you want. As well as for the unique hotel in Jakarta, you will find some best unique business hotel in Jakarta that you can consider more. The unique hotels that you can choose are:


  1. If you want to get a bohemian hipster atmosphere, you can choose Kosenda Hotel. In this hotel, you will find beautiful garden which is covered by the lattice roof which can create beautiful scenery from the outside look. Inside of this hotel, you will find woodwork shaped such as art-deco fittings abound, illustrations on the walls, retro furniture, and also huge spiders. You also will get the uniqueness in the room, even if the room is small but it is designed comfortably with all of stuffs that you need and the facilities that you get in this room include a rotary phone, and retro smart phone speaker. This hotel is located in the middle of Grand Indonesia Mall and National Monument which is perfect location for you to choose.
  2. If you are looking for hotel with theme of British Retro with the ultra modern touches, you can choose Morrissey Hotel. The rooms that this hotel provides to you are extremely luxury with trendy concrete ceilings, huge windows for letting the sunlight in, and also full kitchen that make you can use the kitchen stuff easily. This hotel is designed airy building that will make you feel so comfort in this hotel with over 130 provided rooms. This hotel is located in the heart of Jakarta.
  3. If you are more interested in five stars hotel which will offer you a perfect service and top class hotel, you can go booking the room in Alila Hotel Jakarta. You will find huge high ceilings, wood paneling with black marble on the room which will make it get minimalist charm which also make you feel comfort in this room. With the big windows on your room, you will get the natural light from the sunlight with no musty furniture which can put you in shadow and feel that the room’s design comes alive.

Those are the recommended unique business hotel in Jakarta that you can consider more. Before you are going to book the room, you should search about them well, starts from the price until the facilities that you will get. It can lead you in getting best unique hotel.