Get What You Need To Start Your Day with the Restaurant Sinclair Urban Brunch Menu

The old adage says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; but sometimes you would rather sleep just a little longer than the breakfast menu is available. Nobody would blame you: after all, this is vacation, right? Well, if you have come to make quite the habit of this—and you are planning to pay a little visit Old Montreal, in Quebec, Canada in the next few weeks—the Restaurant Sinclair at Hotel St-Sulpice has an Urban Brunch menu that might be just what you have been looking for.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the restaurant sits comfortably in the hotel's exquisite garden; a fine place to sate your late morning nutrition needs.Image result for Get What You Need To Start Your Day with the Restaurant Sinclair Urban Brunch Menu

1st COURSE (Entrees)

For the first course, the Sinclair Restaurant's Urban Brunch offers you a choice of:

    • Chef's choice Gazpacho
    • Fresh, seasonal, mixed fruit salad in a spiced syrup
    • Yogurt mousse verinne served with a  homemade jam and an almond streussel
    • Smoked, Atlantic Salmon served with spanish capers, homemade blinis, and a green cadamom cream

2nd COURSE (Plats Principaux / Main Courses)

After those first few bites you will likely be anxious for more so you here your choices for the Sinclair Restaurant 2nd course, this season:

    • Seared Scottish trouth served with a citrus-asparagus salad, and a poached egg with goat's milk emulsion
    • Spicy Black Tiger Shrimp ceviche with lime and coriander flavored coconut milk, and served with an arugula salad and passion fruit vinaigrette
    • Grilled Quebec beef, Tataki-style hanger steak with black sesame oil, served aged cheddar, and sprouts
    • Eggs (cooked to order), served with a side of Gabrielle potatoes, and a selection of Quebec ham, grilled sausage, and crispy Canadian bacon
    • Eggs Benedict with a spicy Hollandaise sauce and served with Pacific Crab cakes beneath a velvety tarragon pesto
    • Duck confit grilled cheese sandwich topped with maple & Yuzu and served with mesclun and a blackened-onion vinaigrette

3rd COURSE (Desserts)

Finally, no meal would be complete without a little something sweet to seal the deal. For this season, the final course of the Restaurant Sinclair's Urban Brunch features:

    • Madelaine biscuit with a vanilla ganache and strawberry jelly, all dressed in wild berries
    • Tea, coffee, pastries and juice are all included with the meal
    • vegetarian and vegan options are also available; so are gluten-free items (upon request)