Planning Your Tailor Made Maldives Holiday

If you are like most people, taking a week long vacation in one of the most magical, mystical, remote island nations in the world probably sounds pretty appealing. Indeed, whether you are having trouble dealing with the instability of global politics these days or you just want a get away from the hustle and bustle of the every day, maybe you should consider visiting one of the 200 inhabited islands of the Maldives.  

In this country, there is actually 1,192 islands, but only 200 with people; and there is only one luxury resort per island. When shifting the local economy from the fishing industry to tourism, the government designed the country this way, to provide guests with a  unique, exclusive, unforgettable experience no matter where you decide to stay.  Of course, the islands are all connected by 26 atolls and in excess of 3,000 coral reefs so you can see as many resorts (and the services they offer) as you can fit into your time there.

Here are three tailor made holidays Maldives ideas.Image result for Planning Your Tailor Made Maldives Holiday


If you love to explore the ocean, the Maldives would be ideal for you.  Obviously, with several scores of islands to explore there must be some incredible dive spots.  And since you are probably not from an island nation, you can always get instruction from one of many local professionals who not only ensure your safety but can point out the different types of undersea wildlife, through any of many underwater passages of varying skill levels.


A melting pot of cultural history, the Maldives cuisine has many delicious influences (Sinhalese, Arab, South Indian).  Obviously, then, that means you can dine on a new dish every meal and never eat the same food twice.  But since this is a country that relies on heavy tourism, you can also enjoy any of your favorite international cuisines, too, from Japanese dishes to entrees with Mediterranean influence.


If it is really a change of scenery you want, then the Maldives definitely has it in spades.  The 4-star Meeru Island Resort & Spa, for example, offers 5 different accommodation types, which matches your interests to the type of room you can reserve (Garden, Beach, Jacuzzi Beach, Water, Jacuzzi Water).


And if you just want a simple, romantic getaway, the Maldives can accommodate you too.  Some island resorts are more hidden than others, offering spa and message services over water activities. Of course, a romantic dinner under the stars, followed by a moonlit walk on the beach could be just the thing.