Simple and Handy DIY’s for Your Car

Arranging your car shouldn’t be hard or take much time. The best part is that it doesn't need to be costly. There are various DIY tricks that you can use to get your car cleaned up and superbly sorted out. From seat covers to iPhone and tablet holders, here are some of the most imaginative things you can make for your car:

Rearrange the Glove Compartment:

Most of the messiness in your car cannot be seen. That’s because your glove compartment is full of useless papers and files and it is really tricky to find what you need when in need. So organize those in folders which you will find in every size, so whatever size of the folder suits your car organize your files in those folders

Always Carry Travel Kits:

Keeping travelling kit is an amazing approach to keep the majority of your stuff sorted out. You can make or buy these kits which have labels on them and pockets that are totally transparent so that you know what is in them. You can also carry first aid items in these kits or the toys of your children which often fall between the seats of your car.

Changing Air Filters of Your Cars:

You must replace the air filter of your after A year or 19000 kilometers, whichever comes first. You can pay a mechanic and give your car for a day, or you can change your air filter at home in few minutes. You can find the accessories of your cars from

  • To begin with, discover your air filter in the engine of your auto. It's in a dark rectangular box with metal clasps on the sides.
  • Open up the packaging, and look at how the air filter fits inside it. Make a note of which way the channel faces.
  • Remove the older air filter and replace it with a new one
  • Do not forget to close the metal clamps on the side
  • You are good to go.

Maintaining the Levels of Fluids:

The process of checking the levels of the fluids in not a difficult task and it can easily be done by an amateur with a little guideline and help. To check the level of the engine oil, use a dipstick which goes into a narrow channel.

Each dipstick procedure is the same: pull it out, wipe it off with a paper towel, put it back in, and again pull it out. The second time you will be seeing the accurate level. There are markings to demonstrate the best possible levels for your vehicle specifically on the dipsticks.

Similarly regularly check the water level in the radiator of the car. Just remember do not touch the valve of the radiator when it is hot as water can splash out in no time and can cause serious burns.

Going on Trips:

While going on road trips remember these handy tips:

  • Always keep a trash can and a tissue paper box
  • Keep a small cooler for your beverages
  • Keep a nice and pleasant air freshener
  • Keep an emergency kit and first aid box