Soothe Your Soul in NZ

Everyone needs it; those moments where you leave everything behind and go on a soul-soothing road trip in a motorhome hire. Road trips work wonders. They help you to clear your mind, to forget what is troubling you, to enjoy beautiful places, and hopefully help you to meet amazing people who help change your perspective.

As you set out to prepare the trip of a lifetime, you may wonder where are the best places for this type of trip: one where you can have peaceful moments and appreciate the beauty of nature and the refreshing experience of being somewhere new.

To help you plan, we have compiled the best places on North Island for a soul-soothing road trip that will help to heal wounds, provide you with plenty of thought-provoking moments, and that will hopefully make you smile. Just be prepared, once you visit New Zealand once, you will want to visit again and again.

  • Can you imagine soaking in thermal pools and exploring the beautiful scenery and lakes that are abundant in the area of Rotorua? A place that is filled with beauty and is one of the cities with a big influence and presence of Maori culture. Not only will the hot pools be a peaceful experience for you, but the people and history are also a captivating reason to visit.
  • Would you like to get away to a sparsely populated area with beautiful mountains, incredible scenery, and best of all, a peaceful atmosphere? Go on over to Eastland where you can enjoy views of sheep grazing, high mountains, and not many people. It’s perfect for a soul-soothing escape.
  • Of course, no soul-searching or healing road trip would be complete without some wine to sip on. That’s why you should make sure to include Wairarapa on your trip itinerary. There you can enjoy great wines, delectable food, and friendly people.
  • If nature is what helps you to forget, let go, heal, or move forward, then you must undoubtedly go to Tongariro National Park where you will see beautiful volcanoes, hike gorgeous nature trails, and observe tantalizing craters. It’s a magical place that will help you to get back to your essence.
  • How about an active volcano for your soul-searching road trip? White Island, near the Bay of Plenty, is worth visiting. You can observe the beauty from above and take a walk on the volcano if you desire. If you want spend some time on the beach and just relax for a few days, the Bay of Plenty area is perfect for some ocean healing.

Nature is one of the best ways to take time for yourself, to escape from your everyday life, and to appreciate the beauty that exists in the world. That is one reason why New Zealand is the perfect destination for a nature-themed road trip. Of course, you will also have a wonderful time visiting the city of Rotorua where you will find incredibly friendly people and plenty of Maori history to learn about.