The Top 4 Beaches for Seniors in the United States

When you have already retired but miss the glory of a seaside holiday, you shouldn't just be living with the memories. It's still possible to enjoy the beach, far from extravagant crowds and noisy youth partying in the sand late into the night. Relaxation is available to seniors and retirees in numerous coastal regions. Below you will find the top spots:

  1. North Shore Beach in Miami

Miami is for the young at heart-- some say, which has nothing to do with physical age. This is why you will find people of all ages on Miami's famous beaches. Besides, if you're no longer in your prime, these fashionable places can make you feel young again. The recreational region north of Miami is ideal for seniors looking for a rejuvenating vacation.

  1. St John Island

The US Virgin Islands have much tropical charm and the touristic facilities are well maintained. Plus, it's never too crowded. If you want a tropic-style holiday without leaving North America, this could be the right option for you. You may rent a beachfront villa and enjoy ultimate comfort. Apart from beach activities and relaxation, you can shop around at the island's many boutiques or embark on a day trip with the ferry.  

  1. Key West in Florida

Named as one of the best beach vacation spots for the elderly, as well as for anyone in need of peace and quiet, Key West is tranquil and serene. This welcoming community is renowned for its pastel colored houses and not-so-crowded beaches – not because it wouldn't be famous enough, but because visitors mostly focus on exploring the reefs. This is also where ferryboats stop and its proximity to Cuba has led to a very strong culinary influence.

  1. The Hawaii Island

Hawaii is not only a timeless travel paradise, but also a universal one. Explore the archipelago's biggest island and sample its stunning diversity. The volcanic activity and geological history of the island created amazingly different beaches, each with its own colors. While many tourists choose to engage in water sports, you can join a cultural tour.

This is a non-exhaustive list; you can consult a specialized travel agent to find out other beaches suitable to seniors and perhaps discover the less touristic ones.