Top Travel Tips for First Timers to Sri Lanka

While Thailand, Japan or Indonesia can be your top Asian tourist destination but visiting Sri Lanka can be truly a revelation. With Sri Lanka visa online becoming the norm, the country is fast emerging from the back burner of many people’s to-travel list. To make traveling in the country easier, we have collated some vital information and tips for first-time visitors.

Language barrier

People have apprehensions about the language barrier, but you would be glad to know that most people are quite well-versed with English there. People are quite friendly there and are enthusiastic to give you tips, recommendations as well as directions to go just about anywhere.

Mobile Phone data

As soon as we land in a new country, we inevitably go for buying a local SIM card and mobile phone data. While in most countries, we often find the worst deals at the airport, the situation is reverse in Sri Lanka. You can confidently purchase it from there itself. Should you miss it for any reason, your hotel can always direct you to the best telecommunications office in the area.

Taking photographs of locals

Don’t we all love clicking ourselves with locals as a lovely souvenir of our memorable holiday? In many countries, local people are averse to it. However, the friendly population of Sri Lanka will be more than happy to accommodate all such requests from your side. Their smile and friendly nature enhance all the photographs that you had clicked.


The civil war in the country has hampered the development of the tourism industry in the country. Consequently, you will feel a significant gap between the ultra-luxurious and basic rental accommodations. It can be little difficult for those people who reach a destination first and then look for accommodation. It is recommended to book your accommodation in advance here.

A little precaution, research, and planning can transcend your trip to Sri Lanka from a hassling one to a truly enthralling experience. It is important to note that the country is miles away in terms of facilities from a true tourist destination.