Top Traveling Tips in Kuala Lumpur

Apart from being the capital city of Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur city is a melting pot of culture, beauty, and entertainment. This makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It is also one of the best business centers in the world. Thus it is natural that it faces some of the heaviest traffic. If you are traveling to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, then the following tips are bound to prove extremely useful to you.

Currency issues

The main currency of Malaysia is Ringgit (RM). You must get some local country from your own country before landing there. Moreover, try to get your traveler’s check or money exchanged at authorized centers in Kuala Lumpur. Try to avoid the airport exchanges as they often prove expensive.

Custom laws

A maximum of RM 1000 is allowed either way for any tourists. A duty-free allowance is given on pens, watches, cameras, lighters, 20 packs of cigarette and a liter of liquor. The country follows a strict drugs law. The customs laws keep changing, and you should check it on the net before embarking to the country.


There are various modes of transportation available in Kuala Lumpur. One of the best modes of transportation is taking up the rental services. The car rental Kuala Lumpur airport services are definitely the top favorite as it picks you from the airport on arrival and drops you there itself. The freedom and other benefits that it offers you are unmatched.

Safety tips

Being a popular tourist destination, it is inevitable that the city would have numerous thieves who thrive on making unsuspecting foreigners, their prey. Thus, it is advisable to carry minimal cash and make maximum use of your credit card and traveler’s checks. You should always have multiple copies of your important documents and should be extremely careful in buying stuff.