Why One Must Visit the National Museum If in Bermuda?

Situated Sandys Parish at the western corner of Bermuda, this grand National Museum holds the treasure of the island’s history. The museum which earlier her been the Bermuda Maritime museum from 1974 to 2009, finally received is legitimacy add the National Museum of Bermuda in the year 2013.

Fascinating Facts About the National Museum

  • This non-profitable, non-government Museum spreads 16 acres across the land that is now a symbol of the island's cultural heritage.
  • The museum is surrounded by the fortress keep of Royal Naval Dockyard, North West Rampart as well as Casemates Barracks.
  • The construction of the Dockyard began in 1809 and ended in 20th century, it holds a larger number of land reclamation with labour of hundreds of slaves in its womb.
  • It was initially built to provide facilities, trainings, communication too the locals as well as the Naval forces. The Keep was announced the citadel which intended to safeguard the Naval forces against attacks offer enemies.
  • The Dockyard was eventually closed in the year 1951 and it was then converted into a high security Bermudian prison from 1963 till 1994.
  • After the closing of the prison, the infrastructure underwent and is still undergoing a sea change and immense restoration by the Museum authority and volunteers to meet its new fate.
  • As earlier it just preserved the maritime mysteries and glories from the past, the Museum has not existed its scope to a great extent to showcase the history of local and heritage of Bermuda.
  • Apart from the history of the land, it also provides a vivid glimpse into the underwater tales and mysteries through various publications, archaeological and educational programs.

The National Museum of Bermuda is a grand and peaceful place to explore the history and thrilling tales of the island for history lovers and those who really wish to learn about the history of this amazing island.